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Cosy Christmas Reads #12, How the Grinch Stole Christmas

grinchThe story of the green Grinch who lives on his mountain has become a classic for the festive season. The Grinch has become symbolic of non-festive feelings, but this delightfully charming story is an enduring festive read because above all things its message is this – to remember the spirit of Christmas.

The Whos of Whoville love Christmas, but the Grinch who lives near to the town most certainly does not. No one quite knows the reason why, but he definitely does not want to hear Christmas cheer rising through the air towards his mountaintop home or see Christmas lights illuminating the town he cannot abide. So, on Christmas Eve, he hatches a plan to steal Christmas.

Sneaking and snaking down every chimney in Whoville, the Grinch steals all of Whoville’s festive trappings – lights, presents, trees and even Christmas dinner. Wickedly preparing to throw Christmas off of his mountain, the Grinch thinks he’s finally won and silenced the Christmas Cheer and then he hears a sound that shocks and surprises him…

“Maybe, just maybe” he thinks to himself – “Christmas doesn’t come from a store.”

This is a tale which will delight readers young and old. The rhymes of the much loved Dr Suess are well timed and are a great way to encourage participation in the story as we race to find out if the Grinch really will steal Christmas.

A story which shows us that the real spirit of Christmas isn’t something you can buy, it’s something that we can find in ourselves and something which can help our hearts to grow.

A truly heart-warming read, snuggle up and head to Whoville this Christmas!

Listen to a reading of the story:

Watch the trailer for the 2000 movie starring Jim Carrey:

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