South West Reading Passport 2016: Book to the Future

Cosy Christmas Reads #11 The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding

the-adventures-of-the-christmas-puddingThe Queen of crime (Agatha Christie)’s murder mysteries have become staples of Christmas Day viewing and this little tale has been the inspiration for another classic.

Part of the only collection of Christie’s work to feature both Poirot and Miss Marple, The Adventures of the Christmas Pudding is a delightful entrée showcasing some of the best of Christie’s storytelling.

Called in to help discover what has happened to a priceless ruby, Poirot gets embroiled in an elaborately staged ‘murder’ put together by some children who are attending the Christmas celebrations he is also invited to. In the midst of all this, he makes a shocking discovery and receives a mysterious note telling him not to eat the Christmas pudding which is about to be served…

What is happening? Why is the ruby so important and just what is the adventure of the Christmas pudding?

This is a delightful story exploring a classic murder mystery against a fabulously festive backdrop. All the elements we expect from Christie exist here – the suspects are suitably shady, the drama is high and Poirot reigns supreme. Go on an adventure, the adventure of the Christmas Pudding on this December day!