South West Reading Passport 2016: Book to the Future

Special Feature Library Picks #3, The Dark Is Rising

the-dark-is-risingThe Dark is Rising is a 1973 novel by Susan Cooper and is the second book in the five sequence set of children’s novels. Susan Cooper is a British-born American writer who predominately writes fiction for young adults but has also written fiction for adults, plays and Emmy nominated screenplays.

The Dark is Rising tells the story of Will Stanton who becomes a major character in the subsequent novels. Will is the seventh son of a seventh son and on his eleventh birthday finds out that he is an ‘Old One’ and is destined to wield the power of The Light in the ancient battle with ‘The Dark.’

Will then embarks on a quest to find the four things of power which will help in the battle with The Dark which continues throughout the sequence.

Utilising English folklore, this novel and the sequence to which it belongs has become a classic of young adult literature.

The novel was adapted into a film which was released with the title The Seeker in the USA and The Dark is Rising in the UK.

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