South West Reading Passport 2016: Book to the Future

Margaret Atwood

margaret-atwoodMargaret Atwood is a Canadian writer. She has written more than 40 books of fiction, poetry and critical essays. She has won the Arthur C Clarke award and the Booker Prize. She is perhaps best known for writing speculative science fiction which explores society and experiment with genre boundaries as well as thematic boundaries.

In addition to her writing career, Atwood is also a Professor of English and an environmental activist. She is also the inventor and copyright holder of the Long Pen, a series of remote writing software and apps.

With her novel Scribbler Moon, Atwood is the first contributor to a project known as the Future Library in conjunction with artist Katie Paterson and a number of other authors. Although it was completed in 2015, the novel has been handed over to the keeping of the project for 100 years and will not be published or read by a single person until 2114. One of the project’s aims is to preserve the practice of reading.

Suggested Book:

The Handmaid’s Tale (1985)

Recommended further reading:

The Blind Assassin (2000)

Oryx and Crake (2003)

The Heart Goes Last (2015)

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