South West Reading Passport 2016: Book to the Future

P G Wodehouse


pg-wodehousePG Wodehouse was an English novelist and one of the most widely read writers in the humourist genre. Although much of his fiction is set in England, Wodehouse grew up in America and New York and Hollywood are the setting for some of his work. He wrote Broadway musicals as part of a group of humourists including Guy Bolton and Jerome Kern.

After leaving his work in a bank, Wodehouse pursued writing in his spare time and began to write comic fiction, notably the Jeeves series of books. Although some critics dismissed this comic work, fans of Wodehouse responded well to the creation of regular characters that would recur in multiple stories.

His work, particularly the Jeeves stories, were seen to provide a light comedic take on high society life in the 1920s and have inspired a much loved television adaptation and multiple caricatures which have appeared across other work.

Suggested book:

The Inimitable Jeeves (1923)

Further recommended reads:

Leave it to Psmith (1923)

What Ho! The Best of PG Wodehouse (2000)

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