South West Reading Passport 2016: Book to the Future

Irvine Welsh

Irvine Welsh is a British writer, short story writer and playwright. Inspired by the rave scene in his hometown of Leith in Scotland, he began to write and using old diaries as a basis began to draft Trainspotting. The novel was published in parts in various magazines, before it was accepted for publication in 1993, although there were doubts as to whether the book would sell.

After the novel’s publication in 1993, Welsh shot to fame. He received rave reviews of the novel as well as an equally prevalent critical response which established a divided perspective of his work which still exists today.

The novel was adapted into a successful stage play version and in 1996 Danny Boyle adapted it into a hugely popular film which became a much discussed classic. The adaptation also further cemented Welsh’s position as a controversial figure in the literary world, but this is balanced with his commercial success among fans.

Most recently Welsh has branched into films and is a partner in two production companies.

His most recent book, a prequel to Trainspotting was published in 2012.

Suggested book:

Trainspotting (1993)

Further recommended reading:

Filth (1998)

Skagboys (2012)

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